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STARLED LED Products, Like Diamonds . . . Last Forever!


1050 E. Dominguez St. #P
Carson, CA 90746
Toll Free: (888) 477-8275
Starled currently has a position available for a "Product Engineer" to join our engineering team. For more info. click the employment link @ bottom of page.

Welcome To Starled, Inc.- Where you'll find the latest in LED Technology!

With over 50 years of combined professional experinece. We offer the very best in engineering and quality assurance. We are ready to work with you to provide the expertise needed to solve your LED requirements.

Our commitment with our clients extends beyond the quality of our products. When you sample our state-of the art products and compare pricing, you will find that Starled to be higher in quality and lower cost and quicker on delivery than any of our competitors.


parking lot area light
Parking Lot/ Area Light

Different LED variations for more details go to New Product Page.

solar Wallpack
Solar Wall Pack

Solar Wall Pack will soon be available.

Why choose Starled LED Products?
Longer Life- 10 years 100,000 Hrs., when operated under normal ambient conditions.
Reduce Power- mA vs Amps- 100% to 400% or more in power savings!
Resistant to shock or vibration - Solid State
Cooler Operation - Solid State vs Filament
Reduce Maintenance Costs


Restiction of Harmful Substances



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