About Us

Starled has been exclusively devoted to the LED technology since 1991 with a focus on engineering, quality assurance and customer service. Our confidence in our products is based on the competence and expertise of our professional staff. As part of our commitment to the quality of our products, Starled has made a strong investment in research. Our engineering staff has extensive knowledge of LEDs and lamp specifications. We supply the products that in turn increase your yields and improve the quality of your end products. 

Being one of the pioneers in the fields of incandescent replacements, Starled has developed State-of-the-art systems are used by our engineers to develop products that are functionally superior, compatible with the environment built to last. In like manner, state-of-the-art statistical process controls and product testing methods are used to monitor and document quality checks.

Many new innovative solutions to the demanding problems of this field. Our company serves an integral function for various OEM manufacturers in the medical, automotive, communications, elevator, gaming, military, and aircraft industries.